New Website!!

g-newwebsite1I’m sorry in the lack of posting the last week, but I have been busy.  With what you may ask.  Well, it’s official…  I have a DotCom now!!  😀


Whoever said that it was an easy transition was a lying SOB!  It’s taken me foooorever to get this site transferred over to the new one.  Of course, that may have a lot to do with my crappy net connection.  😛  In any case I think I have it all set up properly now, and looking the way it did before.  At least I hope I do, at least for the most part.


However, in the process of moving everything, I lost all my followers and stats!  *cries*  You would think that with all this “user friendly”, “net made easy” bull sh*t that websites, net savvy, code savvy people and the like are carrying on about these days, that it wouldn’t be impossible to take your stats and followers along for the ride.  I mean really!  Have we honestly not come that far in net-tech?  Or have they just not bothered to open that particular file and figured we wouldn’t notice.   *sighs*


Anyway, I would very much like those of you who are interested in sticking with me to follow me once again to my new website.  I feel lonely without you!  *hugs*

Recipes: Pizza Pizza

Untitled-1Ah pizza, honestly… I’ve never really cared for it, lol.  Okay, so I was a very strange child growing up, what can I say.  *shrugs*  However, as time goes by I find it far more tolerable now.  Especially if I can find a really good pizza, usually I can’t, but my partner did find a great pizza joint in Airlie Beach.  Of course that still means money and when you don’t have a lot you try not to spend it.  So I turn to home cooking, after all, I can make a pizza for under $5.  🙂  Now I’m sharing my latest recipe with all of you.  Enjoy!


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Daily Dabbles: Eye Poppers


Northern Spotted Owl
By: Michael Nichols

It’s times like these that I wish to god I had a better camera.  If this had been my shot you would never know what it was I had tried to take a picture of!  It would just be a grey blur in a blur of brown and green, as I’m sure I’d be moving too much to actually get a clear shot of even the background.  😛


This is a photo of a Northern Spotted Owl in the great Redwood Forests.  In this particular case the far better photography than I, would me Michael Nichols, who works for National Geographic.  One trick to a shot like this… bait the owl to come that close.  Second trick to a shot like this…  make sure Michael is the one behind the camera, not me.  😉

Daily Dabbles: Huh?



Personally, I’m not much of a tea drinker, but when I do drink it I’ll drink hot tea.  Although looking at this I may have to start drinking it more often just so I can use these!  😀  I think these would be great for those dinner parties or Tupperware parties.  Just image offering tea and not telling anyone you have these, then just giving them a cup with a “jacuzzi” loving tea bag in it.  I don’t really see how anyone wouldn’t get at least a small smile from these.

My World: Freedom

Admittedly, I love this shot.  Not sure why exactly, lol, but there is just something about it that pulls me in.  It was taken during one of my trips to a zoo in Michigan that was near my house.  This particular fellow was a very friendly black llama.  He was so adorable and desperate for attention, at least that’s what it seemed like to me.  Maybe that’s why this photo speaks to me, because he just acted like he was so lonely.  Anytime anyone came near the pen he was right there, shoving his snout through the bars as far as he could.  The zoo had several of those “candy” dispensers full of pellets that you could feed some of the animals with.  If I’m not mistaken I spent every quarter I had on this llama.

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Daily Dabbles: Chin Up

550966_342603655809816_1236647234_nFor the last two or three weeks it’s been raining off and on pretty much every single day.  This has caused some issues with the internet reception, flooding of the road and yard, power flickers, leaking caravan, and so on.  A lot of people don’t like the rain, for whatever reason.   It gets them down and makes them feel sluggish.  They usually stay inside until it’s over. So I thought it only appropriate to post this picture today.  Why?  Well, for all the so called bad things that come with storms, even in our personal life, there is one inescapable thing…  After the rain things are renewed, greener, and burst into a flurry of growth.  Let’s face it, water is life, storms are a part of that, and necessary for things to grow stronger.  So the next time your staring out your window at the rain, or crying over a personal deluge, just remember…  with comes a vital chance to burst forward and use it to grow forth and conquer.

Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy

3536_543246092362184_363483122_nMy partner and I have two ducks of our own at the moment (Kendra & Bobby), but seeing this makes me want another one!  How cute is this little guy!  Can you just see it now?  A couple of dozen of these fuzzy little puff balls running around the yard?  *sighs*  I’ve had a number of pets, ranging from rabbits, cats, one dog, fish, small birds, butterflies, hamsters and guinea pigs, but there is still nothing cuter than a baby animal.  They are so small and sweet, and holdable, and kissable.  *squee*  I may have to start working on persuading my BF to getting on.  😉

Recipes: 3rd Generation Lasagna

lasagnaThis recipe has been in my family for three generations.  In fact I think my mum still has the original hand written recipe of my grandma’s.  🙂  I know a lot of people claim the saying “not as good as mum’s” when it comes to eating, but with recipe I have to agree.  Honestly, I have yet to find a lasagna that comes anywhere close to touching this recipe in yumminess.  So far, those who have eaten it agree, or at the very least say it’s one of the best they’ve ever had.  I hope you feel the same way, and really put some love into this “secret” family gem.  😉


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Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up

8201_394297193973795_1623876385_nAm I the only person on Earth who actually likes this song?  I mean really?  I use to torture my mum with it all the time.  To this day it still bugs her to no end.  Then there are the mass of people who begin to leap in front of moving vehicles when they hear it.  Is it really that bad?  Have I just missed the sadistic side of it all these years?  I suppose ignorance is bliss, and if it means I won’t enjoy that song or this picture as much if I know the truth…  well then keep me in the dark.  😉

Daily Dabbles: Eye Poppers

This is a lady bug (duh, right) taken by Leon Baas.  Now I’ve seen some stunning macro photos before but Leon has some of the best I have ever seen.  I can’t get over how colourful and whimsical his work is.  Take this picture for instance, it may be obvious it’s a ladybug, but the whole thing just gives it a magical, otherworldly feeling.  There’s a sense that this could be something out of a fantasy story, or even sci-fi.  I just can’t get over the pull this one has for me.


What do you think of it?



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