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Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy

3536_543246092362184_363483122_nMy partner and I have two ducks of our own at the moment (Kendra & Bobby), but seeing this makes me want another one!  How cute is this little guy!  Can you just see it now?  A couple of dozen of these fuzzy little puff balls running around the yard?  *sighs*  I’ve had a number of pets, ranging from rabbits, cats, one dog, fish, small birds, butterflies, hamsters and guinea pigs, but there is still nothing cuter than a baby animal.  They are so small and sweet, and holdable, and kissable.  *squee*  I may have to start working on persuading my BF to getting on.  😉

Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy


How come elephants always seem so cute and happy?  I mean, they are both cute and happy, but who would think they would make it look so easy?  Getting anything that size to look cute is one thing, but they have some of the most expressive face i think I have ever seen.  Of course I have claimed to see animals (usually my pets) smile, but if you look at this picture he really is smiling!  You can not look at the mouth and say it is anything other than grinning!  I dare you to try!  😉  Now this is an animal we can all take some life cues from.


Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy

f91459deb8d721f6821f117c8b163f80It’s almost hard to believe that this little fluff ball is actually real.  I mean it just looks like a child’s stuff friend.  Well it is fake, but that doesn’t make it any less adorable.  This is a miniature bear that you can sew yourself.  I can’t, but you might be able to, lol.  How sweet would this be in a baby’s room, or even in my room!  Just too cute.


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Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy


This picture reminds me of the rabbits my family and I use to raise.  It started out because we found an abandon burrow that had three or four babies in it.  They were the cutest little things.  So we took them in.  What started as a rescue ended up being much larger than that.  It was well worth it though.  Even as adults rabbits are cute critters, with the softest tongues I have ever felt!  I think at one point in time we had something like 15 bunnies.  I do miss them.  They were quite fun little pets to have around.  🙂

Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy

428851_359142290822619_219059660_nHow cute is this? Perfect shot, perfect facial expressions. Just adorable. Of course it only reaffirms my previous thoughts about cats and dogs, lol. Still, it’s just adorable.


I’ve only ever had one dog, but I’ve had several cats. Believe it or not, they all got along just fine. In fact, when I got my dog as a puppy I had just recently gotten a cat. The cat was barely a year old when the pooch arrived. Of course at first (at least from the cat’s side) there was a “back off buddy” type of mentality. In the end, though, they became the best of friends. It was common to find them curled up together during naps, or giving each other kisses. It was the sweetest thing.


The dog knew too when his pal didn’t come home from the vet’s one day. Of course, I think he knew she was sick before she left. Not to mention that I was balling my eyes out when I got home. I had never had to put an animal down before. They had always died naturally, usually in my arms.


He met me at the door, and not in the usual “omg, I’m so happy you’re home” sort of way. He knew, and he stayed with me until I could calm down enough to breathe. Then it was his turn to mourn, and he did so by curling up in their favourite spot on the couch. He stayed there every night for more than a week. I still find it amazing just how in-tune animals really are. In some ways, more than humans could ever hope to be.


Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy


I may not be a parent…yet, but I have had this happen to me.  I have been lucky enough to be the “parent” to a number of furry critters over the years.  When they were young they would do this.  I was so thrilled with them and how cute they were that I never had the heart to actually move them.  Even if it was painful to stay in an awkward position after a while.  They were just too sweet to wake up and readjust.  This probably doesn’t bode well for me when I actually do have human children.  As I will more than likely be doing the same thing with them.  Better make sure I have plenty of ice packs and pain killers on hand for those stiff joints and arms that have fallen asleep.

Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy


I absolutely love this picture.  First off, how cute is a turtle that is no bigger than a strawberry.  Not only that, how cute is a turtle, who’s no bigger than that strawberry, taking on that strawberry!  Ah the bliss of youth and innocence.  This little guy reminds me of the attitudes in kids that they are invincible.  What would the world be like today if we all kept this stubborn willfulness to face any challenge, no matter how much bigger it may be to us?  But I’m getting all Freudian on you and this is a moment for simply saying “Squeeee!

Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy


I have to admit that this picture gets me every time.  I even had it up as my desktop background for a while.  A mouse is one pet that I’ve always wanted but never managed to get (still plan on it one day).  Do you have a mouse for a pet?  Do they sleep this soundly?  I mean how do you get a picture like this?  I can understand the blanket, I’ve seen many pets snuggle up in covers.  But the teddy?  Did the mouse really cuddle up to it on its own or do they sleep well enough for the photographer to place it there without waking it?  Does it matter really?  Too cute.

Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up


Now I don’t know about you, but this rings true in my life.  Of course a lot of that could be chalked up to the fact my friends are just as crazy as I am, lol.  I swear, there for a while, it seemed like every time I said “bite me” someone actually would.  After the bruises healed I came to the conclusion that something needed to be done about this. So I came up with four ideas…
1) Change friends – Well that’s not going to work.  The only people I get along with are other asylum escapees like me.
2)  Change My Diet –  Obviously it’s got to be something I eat, right?  It makes my flesh sweeter or something.  Sounds logical.  Only problem is, I love food and I love to eat.
3)  Stop Saying “Bite Me” –  Nope that isn’t going to work either.  I like the phrase too much. (Probably something to do with my latent vampire tendencies.)  👿
Then it hit me.  So obvious was this pink elephant standing in the middle of my mind that the damn thing picked me up by the ankles and shook me.
My fourth, and only real resolution for this problem, which I recommend it to everyone: 

Bite the SOBs back!


Daily Dabbles: Aww Worthy

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