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Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up

8201_394297193973795_1623876385_nAm I the only person on Earth who actually likes this song?  I mean really?  I use to torture my mum with it all the time.  To this day it still bugs her to no end.  Then there are the mass of people who begin to leap in front of moving vehicles when they hear it.  Is it really that bad?  Have I just missed the sadistic side of it all these years?  I suppose ignorance is bliss, and if it means I won’t enjoy that song or this picture as much if I know the truth…  well then keep me in the dark.  😉

Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up

167470_433452293355042_1729711025_nHaving had a dog, and a rather hyper, rambunctious dog, I can just see how this played out.  You’ve just made a nice batch of buttered noodles.  You’re letting them cool on the counter in a bowl while you sift through the fridge for veggies to add.  Then, as your back is turned, your back bent reaching for that elusive carrot that’s rolled to the back of the shelve, and suddenly….  *CLATTER, BANG*  …  With an all too fast spin, hitting your funny bone against the fridge door on the way around, you are faced with this.  Your lovable pooch plaster with sticky, buttery, pasta.  What was suppose to be your dinner.


Of course, any self respecting pet parent knows you are to carry a camera around your neck at all times.  Because you never know when a moment like this will pass you by while your frantically telling you doggy to stay as you run into the other room to grab your camera.  😉

Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up

304627_309563342476051_1288870333_nOkay, this is soooo going on my list of “Things I must do before I die”!  This would be too funny.  I’d have to make sure that I could somehow capture the moment on camera.  Not sure how I would do that exactly, but when there is a will there is a way.  The trick with this would have to be a great poker face.  Now I am a good poker player (I think, anyway), but when it comes to keeping a straight face for something like this… yeah I don’t do so well.  My granddad on the other hand, was a master at it!  Even when we would say things to me that I knew were true, his face always made me second guess what I knew.  It was funny to watch.  I just wish I had inherited that trait from him.  😛


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Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up

302702_10151395871018465_688090501_nHehe, I just love this picture.  It’s kind of a tradition in my family that if you get a present with a bow on it, you are to promptly stick that bow on your head when you open your present.  In the past, I have put it on my pets’ heads.  Who hasn’t?  Be honest.  😉  Although my pets didn’t react quite like this.  They were equally funny about it, at least I think so.  They had the effect of backing up, as if the action was going to somehow dislodge the bow.  Or they would paw at it, which worked well for them, but usually cut short my fun.  😛  Still, I think if my pets had looked like this, I would of had a stash of bows hidden year ’round for inciting this reaction at random points in time.  😀

Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up


Have you ever wondered about this?  What are our kids going to think about what we have on our social media sites?  Though our cores probably don’t change all that much.  Our interests certainly do.  Then there’s the kids today who are using them.  What will their kids think?  How much will be different on our old pages compared to the way we are in the future.  Will social media sites even still be around?  If they are, will you still be using them, and as a consequence, keeping your info updated?  I think social media will be sticking around, in some form or another, on the net.  It just simply seems to be the way the world is headed.  Besides, I still love Winnie the Pooh, smart geeky boys, and Coke.  So maybe it won’t be such a shock to my kids.  😀

Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up



If you own a cat, or have ever owned a cat, you know exactly how this feels.  That is if you let the cat sleep with you to begin with.  All of my cats have done this to me on countless occasions.  If it wasn’t at the head of the bed, it was at the foot of it.  Or beside me.  Or sometimes on top of me.  There were moments when I would force the cat to lay down.  It worked, for about five minutes.  I think it only worked that long because the cat thought it was going to get petted.  I’ve even had them do this for so long that I have actually shut the cat out of my bedroom.  Of course that only led to them crying and pawing at the door to be let back in.  In other words people, never forget that your cat rules your roost, even while you are firmly planted in it.  😉

Daily Dabbles: Laugh it Up


This happens all the time!  I swear it’s all a conspiracy.  There is CIA evidence that dogs have a similar plot.  Every time you try to step over them they stand up.  I suspect that the whole “Cat Dog” wars are simply a cover up.  They are really trying to take over the world.   Investigations into parrots, ferrets, and fish are currently underway and can not be commented on at this time.


Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up


Now I don’t know about you, but this rings true in my life.  Of course a lot of that could be chalked up to the fact my friends are just as crazy as I am, lol.  I swear, there for a while, it seemed like every time I said “bite me” someone actually would.  After the bruises healed I came to the conclusion that something needed to be done about this. So I came up with four ideas…
1) Change friends – Well that’s not going to work.  The only people I get along with are other asylum escapees like me.
2)  Change My Diet –  Obviously it’s got to be something I eat, right?  It makes my flesh sweeter or something.  Sounds logical.  Only problem is, I love food and I love to eat.
3)  Stop Saying “Bite Me” –  Nope that isn’t going to work either.  I like the phrase too much. (Probably something to do with my latent vampire tendencies.)  👿
Then it hit me.  So obvious was this pink elephant standing in the middle of my mind that the damn thing picked me up by the ankles and shook me.
My fourth, and only real resolution for this problem, which I recommend it to everyone: 

Bite the SOBs back!


Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up

Five things to make you laugh.


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Daily Dabbles: Laugh It Up

Five things to make you laugh.


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