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Daily Dabbles: Eye Poppers


Northern Spotted Owl
By: Michael Nichols

It’s times like these that I wish to god I had a better camera.  If this had been my shot you would never know what it was I had tried to take a picture of!  It would just be a grey blur in a blur of brown and green, as I’m sure I’d be moving too much to actually get a clear shot of even the background.  😛


This is a photo of a Northern Spotted Owl in the great Redwood Forests.  In this particular case the far better photography than I, would me Michael Nichols, who works for National Geographic.  One trick to a shot like this… bait the owl to come that close.  Second trick to a shot like this…  make sure Michael is the one behind the camera, not me.  😉

My World: Freedom

Admittedly, I love this shot.  Not sure why exactly, lol, but there is just something about it that pulls me in.  It was taken during one of my trips to a zoo in Michigan that was near my house.  This particular fellow was a very friendly black llama.  He was so adorable and desperate for attention, at least that’s what it seemed like to me.  Maybe that’s why this photo speaks to me, because he just acted like he was so lonely.  Anytime anyone came near the pen he was right there, shoving his snout through the bars as far as he could.  The zoo had several of those “candy” dispensers full of pellets that you could feed some of the animals with.  If I’m not mistaken I spent every quarter I had on this llama.

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Gardening: They Do What With Their Nodules?! O_o

29dac102c43518394910_aa0f5d2f2fI don’t know about you, but when I first started I knew very little about gardening.


Which is probably why I ended up with a lot of dead plants. O_o


It always seemed simple enough.  You plant a seed, water it, watch it grow.  Later on I learn all sorts of things that sound more scientific than simple gardening.  It’s always amazing to me the magic of what plants can do, and what they need to do it.  In this post I’m going to take a brief moment to give a couple of tips about making your garden healthier.


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Daily Dabbles: Eye Poppers

Bamboo Forest

“Gateway Of Light”
Hana Highway, Maui, Hawaii
By: Kevin McNeal

I am thankful that I now live in Queensland, Australia.  True that bamboo can be found in the US, but I had never ventured far enough to see it.  Now I am surrounded by it.  All kinds of it.  I can just see this at the entrance to some secret garden on my property.  Though it can take bamboo a number of years to actually grow this large, but I can wait.


This particular shot was taken in Hawaii, by Kevin McNeal.

Gardening: Watch Your Heads

Cordyline Compacta Head Cutting

Cordyline Compacta
aka Dolly or Baby Doll
Head Cutting

Needless to say that my partner and I will probably never have to worry about running out of Cordylines, lol.  He has 1000s of them around the place, no kidding.  Of course that doesn’t stop us from propagating them.  After all, when it comes to the less common, or even rare, cordylines we are always looking to buff up the supply.  Here are the steps to do the same with your cordylines.  In fact this can be done with a number of plants, especially those that have a “woody” like stalk.

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Gardening: What’s Up Doc?

Little green sprouts after only a few days.

Little green sprouts after only a few days.

I seem to be on a propagation kick lately, but that’s that always a bad thing.  😉  It’s my belief that one way to be healthier, and richer in the wallet, is to plant as many edible things as you can.  After all, prices in the store don’t seem to be slowing in their increase.  Not to mention what it used to get that “perfect” food in the produce section of your grocer.  As a result I try my best to get at least some food fresh from my garden.

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Gardening: Pick a Peck of Pineapples

Ready To Eat Pineapples

Ripe and ready to eat pineapples

You know that saying, “There is a use for everything”?  Well, there is.  I don’t like the idea of throwing away anything really.  Even if you simply donate it or tear it apart for what’s inside.  The same can be said for the food we eat and buy.


Most of us tend to see the tops to a pineapple as useless and throw it out.  It may not be edible (so to speak) but it certainly has a use.


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Daily Dabbles: Eye Poppers

By Sarah Chisholm

“Jewels Ashore” By: Sarah Chisholm


This picture is a must see at a larger view.  It’s the Lake Huron shoreline.  It has a unique collection of very colourful and beautiful assortment of pebbles and rocks.  I’ve sometimes heard these beaches referred to as “Jeweled Beaches”, as the sight does give the impression of scattered gems.


Ironically, considering I lived in Michigan for 30 years, I haven’t seen these beaches.  But the works of Sarah Chisholm have really captured the eye popping beauty I think.  Of course this only makes me want to go back to the USA/Canada for a visit and see them for myself!

Gardening: Pests & Pot Ash


I’m sure, for any of you that have at least a handful of plants, that you’ve run across little bugs that find them just as enjoyable to eat, as you find them to look at. Some, so called pests, can be a great thing for the garden. While others see it as a free buffet with all the trimmings.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This is my entry into the Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond.


Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island

This photo was taken on Mackinac Island, in Michigan, USA.  Mackinac Island has always been, and probably always will be, one of my favorite places on earth.  The whole atmosphere there is like nowhere else that I’ve been.
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