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Daily Dabbles: Huh?



Personally, I’m not much of a tea drinker, but when I do drink it I’ll drink hot tea.  Although looking at this I may have to start drinking it more often just so I can use these!  😀  I think these would be great for those dinner parties or Tupperware parties.  Just image offering tea and not telling anyone you have these, then just giving them a cup with a “jacuzzi” loving tea bag in it.  I don’t really see how anyone wouldn’t get at least a small smile from these.

Daily Dabbles: Huh?



As corny as this is, I actually think this is a cute idea.  Something great for a present for those really mushy romantic sorts.  Although I don’t recall seeing anyone look so peaceful while they sleep.  Not to mention that both my partner and I don’t usually sleep on our backs.  More often than not my pillow is either bound up in a ball or not used at all by the time I’m asleep.  *shrugs*  I suppose it’s the thought that counts.  😉

Daily Dabbles: Huh?

werid-shoes-1As someone who love music I really like this idea!  I tend to have music going where ever I am.  A lot of people find it distracting but I’ve always found it relaxing and helps me focus.  Not to mention it usually puts me in a very good mood, even if I’m ready to punch a wall.  I would have to wonder about the price of these though.  I bet their more than one pretty penny’s worth.  Then you would have to think of the weather.  If you’re out in the rain are they water proof?  What if you step in a puddle?  It’d be a shame to ruin these because of a careless step on the sidewalk.  I’ve never spent more the $40 on a pair of shoes, so if I did buy these I would not want to have to buy them again.  I wonder if they come with a remote?  That would be cool, convenient, and smart for the sellers.

Daily Dabbles: Huh?

funny-awesome-random-skills-8Well I have to say I rather like this idea, at least in theory.  Are we always taught to do things to protect ourselves from assailants.  Such as holding our keys between our fingers to make very short looking Wolverine claws?  Or checking under the car at night to make sure the boogie man isn’t waiting with a straight blade to slit our heels?  Then there’s the old stand by of scratching the eyes out before kicking the balls.


I do see one problem with this.  What happens to the phone if and when you use this device?  I’ve seen people just drop their phone and the screen breaks.  I can’t imagine what using it as a knuckle puncher would do to it, and your hand.  You may send your attacker to the doc’s for a broken nose, but you’ll be closely behind with a smart phone embedded in pieces in your palm.  O_o

Daily Dabbles: Huh? – Shark Bite

546680_423321344400610_1548886156_nDoes this look at all comfy to you? It doesn’t to me. I like sharks, and have always been a kid at heart, so I like the whole cool bed thing. This however, just looks off to me. I think it’s more the man in the mouth than anything. I mean sure, being eaten by a shark would never be pleasant, but still. I think they probably should have gotten a kid to do the photo shoot. Maybe they could have made it look fun rather than actually being eaten in your sleep.

Daily Dabbles: Huh?

werid-shoes-8Okay, now I like rats, and mice, and well any animal really, but this is a little creepy to me.  O_o  They just look too… dead.  They’re not cute, all be it they are fuzzy, but something about sticking my feet into the backs of decaying corpses doesn’t sound all that appealing.  Nor does it look appealing in this picture.  This whole photo just looks gross to me, and trust me I have a very strong stomach.  I don’t throw the “eww” factor around lightly, but in this case I feel it is a must.  I guess shoving my feet into the cut open backs of cute, fuzzy and still alive slippers is somehow better than these ones.

Daily Dabbles: Huh?

550597_342234139180101_646667248_nSo a bit of cultural education lesson with this one.  When I first came to Australia I quickly learned that what I called “flip-flops” in the US were called “thongs” here.  O_o  Now, for my American readers I’m sure, like me, your first thought when you hear “thong” is not a shoe but a pair of panties women wear for that all-day wedgie feeling.  😉  It took me several months to keep from laughing every time I heard someone say a pair of “thongs”.  In fact, I still have to remind myself sometimes what it means, and remember to say it myself.
Anywho, the point of this picture you may ask?  Here in Australia, thongs (flip-flops) are the footwear for, well, everyone.  I kid you not!  These things are everywhere.  I am currently listening to a jam session of my partner’s band and there are currently seven of us here.  Guess how many of us are wearing thongs (flip-flops)?  All seven of us!  Just to give you a brief idea of how popular these things are.
So needless to say I find this picture not only funny and a “huh?” moment, but also completely relevant and probably a great investment.  😀

Daily Dabbles: Huh?

I soooo want this!  Of course that probably has a lot to do with my love of Star Trek, but still…  how cool is this?? Have you ever had those moments where you are behind a “Sunday Driver” or have someone riding your tail pipe?  I have often wished that I had a bull horn, or oil slick, or something to scare the crap out of the other driver.  But I have to admit that having mini phasers or Photon torpedoes would be soooo much cooler!!

Daily Dabbles: Huh?



Okay, I have to admit this looks pretty cool.  I can’t help but wonder though; would this be a moving violation?  I mean really?! Both here in Australia and where I use to live in Michigan this would get you pulled over in a heartbeat.
I’d like to know how this came to be, though.  Was it a parade, contest, bad Acid trip?  Maybe he’s a big Tron fan (as my first thought was Light-Cycle).
This would be so distracting for an observer I would think.  Let alone the driver.  How do you see past all the colours?  It’s bad enough trying to see when the dome light is on in the car at night.  Let alone something like this?

Daily Dabbles: Huh?

Five things to make you go “Huh?”


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